YMCCOOL 100pcs Cat Nail Caps/Tips Pet Cat Kitty Soft Claws Covers Control Paws


  • Safe and Comfortable】Cat nail caps and cat nail tips adopted premium natural vinyl resin material,soft and comfortable to wear. Not affect the normal expansion and contraction of the cat, Majority of cats can adapt quickly.The adhesive glue have passed the Europe MSDS certification, safe and no-toxic.
  • 【Practical and Durable】 Reduce the potential for damage due to your cat scratching behavior by applying to paws. Protecting against damage to household surfaces, floors, doors, screens, walls and furniture, protects you from scratches as well.
  • 【Size and Color】Only for cat use, there are total 10 different colors in the package
  • 【How To Use】1. Trim cat nails(Kitten claws DO NOT need to be trimmed). 2. Fill a little glue into caps(Note: not too much). 3. Wait a moment when the glue is half dry, put it on your cat. 4. Until the glue is complete dry then begin the next. 
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    About Us: YMCCOOL Expert Team dedicates to innovate and change people’s lifestyle, and our service is available for 24 hours a day. YMCCOOL and Cat nail tips make everything cool!

    How to remove/replace:

    Use scissors to cut off gently from the top of the nail cover. PS: trim nails and replace nail covers at regular intervals.Avoid long nails, affect the healthy development of bones.


    1. The main component of this special adhesive is nitrile acrylic acid ester, which will stimulate The eyes and bind the skin in a short time.

    2.Never open the adhesive pipe to the face.

    3. please read notices on the adhesive pipe.

    4.Never contact skin and eyes. In case of contact with eyes or mouth, keep them open, wash them with water for 15 minutes and immediately seek help from the doctor.

    5.In case that fingers are glued together, soak the glued part into the nail color remover, and then slowly separate them.

    6.Keep dogs and cats from the adhesive.

    7.In case of other mal-response in use, please stop using and contact the veterinarian.

    8.Keep the adhesive off clothing and furniture, because it may change color of the fabric.

    9.Avoid direct contact between children and pets with the adhesive.


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